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W, Perng; L, Tang; P, Song; MI, Goran; MM, Tellez-Rojo; A, Cantoral; K, Peterson

Urate and nonanoate mark the relationship between sugar-sweetened beverage intake and blood pressure in adolescent girls: A metabolomics analysis in the ELEMENT Cohort Metabolites Journal Article

In: 9 (5), pp. 100, 2019.

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Jones, R B; Alderete, T L; Kim, J S; Millstein, J; Gilliland, F D; Goran, M I

High intake of dietary fructose in overweight/obese teenagers associated with depletion of Eubacterium and Streptococcus in gut microbiome Journal Article

In: Gut Microbes, 10 (6), pp. 712–719, 2019.

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Berger, P K; Plows, J F; Jones, R B; Pollock, N K; Alderete, T L; Ryoo, J H; Goran, M I

Maternal blood pressure mediates the association between maternal obesity and infant weight gain in early postpartum Journal Article

In: Pediatr Obes, 14 (11), pp. e12560, 2019.

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Berger, P K; Fields, D A; Demerath, E W; Fujiwara, H; Goran, M I

High-Fructose Corn-Syrup-Sweetened Beverage Intake Increases 5-Ħour Breast Milk Fructose Concentrations in Lactating Women Journal Article

In: Nutrients, 10 (6), 2018.

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Goran, M I; Riemer, S L; Alderete, T L

Simplified and age-appropriate recommendations for added sugars in children Journal Article

In: Pediatr Obes, 13 (4), pp. 269–272, 2018.

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Goran, M I; Martin, A A; Alderete, T L; Fujiwara, H; Fields, D A

Fructose in Breast Milk Is Positively Associated with Infant Body Composition at 6 Months of Age Journal Article

In: Nutrients, 9 (2), 2017.

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Noble, E E; Hsu, T M; Jones, R B; Fodor, A A; Goran, M I; Kanoski, S E

Early-Life Sugar Consumption Affects the Rat Microbiome Independently of Obesity Journal Article

In: J. Nutr., 147 (1), pp. 20–28, 2017.

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Shearrer, G E; O'Reilly, G A; Belcher, B R; Daniels, M J; Goran, M I; Spruijt-Metz, D; Davis, J N

The impact of sugar sweetened beverage intake on hunger and satiety in minority adolescents Journal Article

In: 97 , pp. 43–48, 2016.

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Alderete, T L; Chloe, A; Brekke, B E; Knight, R; Bode, L; Goran, MI; Fields, D A

Associations between human milk oligosaccharides and infant body composition in the first 6 mo of life Journal Article

In: Am J Clin Nutr . , 102 (6), pp. 1381–1388, 2015.

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O'Reilly, Gillian A; Belcher, Britni R; Davis, Jaimie N; Martinez, Lauren T; Huh, Jimi; Antunez-Castillo, Luz; Weigensberg, Marc; Goran, Michael I; Spruijt-Metz, Donna

Effects of high-sugar and high-fiber meals on physical activity behaviors in Latino and African American adolescents Journal Article

In: Obesity (Silver Spring), 23 (9), pp. 1886–1894, 2015.

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Walker, R W; Goran, M I

Laboratory Đetermined Sugar Content and Composition of Commercial Infant Formulas, Baby Foods and Common Grocery Items Ŧargeted to Children Journal Article

In: Nutrients, 7 (7), pp. 5850–5867, 2015.

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Hsu, T M; Konanur, V R; Taing, L; Usui, R; Kayser, B D; Goran, M I; Kanoski, S E

Effects of sucrose and high fructose corn syrup consumption on spatial memory function and hippocampal neuroinflammation in adolescent rats Journal Article

In: Hippocampus, 25 (2), pp. 227–239, 2015.

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Gyllenhammer, L E; Weigensberg, M J; Spruijt-Metz, D; Allayee, H; Goran, M I; Davis, J N

Modifying influence of dietary sugar in the relationship between cortisol and visceral adipose tissue in minority youth Journal Article

In: Obesity (Silver Spring), 22 (2), pp. 474–481, 2014.

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Walker, R W; Dumke, K A; Goran, M I

Fructose content in popular beverages made with and without high-fructose corn syrup Journal Article

In: Nutrition, 30 (7-8), pp. 928–935, 2014.

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Davis, J N; Whaley, S E; Goran, M I

Effects of breastfeeding and low sugar-sweetened beverage intake on obesity prevalence in Hispanic toddlers Journal Article

In: Am. J. Clin. Nutr., 95 (1), pp. 3–8, 2012.

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Ventura, E E; Davis, J N; Goran, M I

Sugar content of popular sweetened beverages based on objective laboratory analysis: focus on fructose content Journal Article

In: Obesity (Silver Spring), 19 (4), pp. 868–874, 2011.

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