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Impact of sugars and human milk oligosaccharides on infant microbiome and obesity

Funder: NIDDK Funding Period: April 2017 for 4 years Hispanic children are at high risk for obesity, a disparity that is already established by 2 years of age. Our prior work found that high dietary sugars in early-life contributes to this increased risk and that this adverse effect was obliterated in children who were exposed […]

Home intervention for reducing sugary drinks and obesity in Hispanic women and infants

Funder: NIDDK Funding Period: September 2016 for 5 years Consumption of sugar sweetened beverages and juices (SSB/J) in infancy is associated with obesity in early childhood. This is a significant public health issue requiring family based solutions. Yet interventions aimed at SSB/J reduction remain controversial based on limited effects in prior studies and concerns whether […]

Human milk oligosaccharides, gut microbiome and obesity in infants

Funder: Gerber Foundation Grant Funding PeriodL January 2016 for 3 years This study aims to identify novel factors in human breast milk that affect development of the infant gut bacterial profile (the microbiome), and in turn contribute to infant growth and/or accumulation of excess body fat by 24 months of age. By comparing infants of […]