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Previous Trainees

Student / Fellow Program Training Dates Last Known Position
Kim-Anne Lê, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow Sept 2009 – July 2011 Nestle Research Institute, Switzerland
Tanja Adam, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow Jan 2008 – Oct 2011 Maastricht, University, Netherlands
Emily Ventura, PhD, MPH Postdoctoral Fellow June 2009 – Oct 2011 Postdoctoral Scholar, UCLA
Rebecca Hasson, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow Jan 2009 – Aug 2010 Postdoctoral Fellow, UCSF
Swapna Mahurkar, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow Sept 2009 – June 2011 Postdoctoral Fellow, USC
Rebecca Cherry, MD Clinical Fellow on Pediatric GI Jan 2007 – June 2009  
Courtney Bryd-Williams PhD Student (Health Behavior) Aug 2006–July 2009 Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Texas, Austin
Corinna Koebnick, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow March 2006–June 2007 NCI Fellow
Martha Cruz Postdoc and jr. fellow Sept 2000 – aug 2005 Assoc Prof, college of Health Sciences, University of Texas at El Paso
Oscar Winners Staff Jan 2005 – June 2006 resident, Univ Ala
Geoff Ball Postdoc Feb 2002 – June 2004 Asst Prof, Dept of Pediatrics, Univ of Alberta
Gabriel Shaibi PhD (Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy) Jan 2002 – June 2006 Postdoc fellow, U Ariz
Michael Watkins Undergrad health promotion at USC; PhD student (health behavior) Sept 2000 – July 2004 Industry
Noe Crespo
MPH student at USC
Aug 2003 – July 2005 PhD student, San Diego State
Hassan Kobaissi Fellow supported by ADA Podiatry Research training July 2002 – Aug 2004 Podiatrist
Suzanne Mitchell Physician at White Memorial Hospital Nov 2003 – Aug 2005 Physician at White Memorial Hospital
Kate Neville PhD student (health behavioro) Sept 2001 – Dec 2002 health worker, state of washington health dept
Kate Coronges PhD Student (health behavior) May 2002 – Aug 2003 PhD Student at USC
Terry Huang PhD student (health behavior) Sept 1999 – May 2002 Director of Pediatric Obesity Programs, NICHD
Maria Johnson postdoctral fellow April 1999 – June 2001 Research fellow; UAB
Andres Pena Postdoctoral fellow Sept 2000 – July 2001 Resident in Family Practice, USC
Patric Nelson MPH student Sept 1999 – Dec 2000 Research Associate
Sohaila Shakib Postdoctoral fellow Sept 1999 – Sept 2000 Postdoctoral fellwo (USC Institute for Prevention Research)
Sara Herd, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow Sept 1998 – Jan 2000 Leave of absence from reserach
Min Sun PhD Nutrition Sciences (chair of research committee) Jan 97 – Dec 99 Research fellow University of Verona
Gina Solimine undergraduate summer intern from Purdue univ.
(food and nutrition major)
May 97 – Dec 99 Due to graduate 2001
Lisa Nicholson Postdoctoral fellow Sept 1999 – Dec 2000 Assistant Professor of Nutrition, Cal State
Christine Lindqvist, PhD Postdoctoral fellow July 97 – July 99 Scientist; Research Triangle Institute
Miriam Peralte, MD minority CAP award Jan 96 – July 99 Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, UAB
Louise Brady Undergraduate exchange student June 98 – July 99 Graduate in Nutrition
Enette Larson PhD Nutrition Sciences (member of research committee) Sept 94 – Nov 98 Postdoctoral fellow uab
Beth Barden PhD student at Univ of Philadelphia - exteranl advisor Sept 97 – Nov 98 freelance writer
charlotte mayo PhD Nutrition Sciences (member of research committee) Sept 94 – Dec 97 completed PhD
Farah Ramirez PhD Nutrition; Ohio State Univ (member of thesis committee) June 96 – Dec 97 teaching in Puerto Rico
Ching-Yi Ku MPH International Health Sept 96 – Sept 97 Dietician in Taiwan
Chris Trowbridge PhD Nutrition Sciences (chair of research committee) June 97 – June 98 pre-medical school
Tina Cummings Undergraduate Nutrition Intern (Univ of Ulster) June 97 – June 98 graduate student
Carl Dezenberg, MD Fellowship in Pediatric GI/Nutrition Sept 95 – July 97 Private practice
Barbara Gower, PhD Postdoctoral fellow, Nutrition Science June 95 – Jan 97 Asst Prof UAB
Michelle Hornberger Msc Nutrition Sciences Jan 96 – June 97 clinical dietetics
Michael Toth PhD Physiology; Univ of Maryland (external thesis advisor) Jan 95 – Postdoc with Dwight Mathews at Univ VT
Renee Wren, MPH MPH, International Health Sept 95 – Sept 96 PhD student in Epidemiology
Time Nagy, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow, Nutrition Science Sept 94 – June 9 Assoc Prof in Nutr Sci UAB
Margarita Treuth, PhD Postdoctoral fellow, Nutrition Science Jan 94 – June 95 Assoc Prof, Johns Hopkins
Von Nguyen, RD MSc Clinical Nutrition (chair of research committee) Sept 94 – Aug 95 Peace Corps
katherine McClanahan, RD MSc Clinical Nutrition (chair of research committee) Sept 94 – Aug 95 dietician in industry
Aileen McGloin, BSc Bsc Nutrition Sciences (exchange from Univ Ulster) Aug 93 – Sept 94 Northern Ireland Dairy Board



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