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  • LetsMove.gov : First Lady Michelle Obama Launches Let's Move: America's Move to Raise a Healthier Generation of Kids
  • Staying Active: An Exercise Guide for Kids
    This page is full of free resources for anyone looking to help kids get excited about physical fitness.
  • MEDIA AND OBESITY IN CHILDREN: Read the recent report on the role of media in childhood obesity from the Kaiser Family Foundation
  • Comprehensive childhood obesity help guide and tip sheet for parents
  • Fact sheets related to obesity (including childhood) from NAASO: The Obesity Society
  • HEALTHY SCHOOLS FOR HEALTHY KIDS: Two national polls show that teachers and parents overwhelmingly agree that schools should provide access to healthy foods and daily physical education as a means to address the childhood obesity epidemic. These and other poll results are detailed in "Healthy Schools for Healthy Kids," funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
  • REGISTRY OF CHILDREN'S OBESITY EFFORTS: Shaping America's Youth is a national initiative to centralize information about the various ongoing efforts to fight obesity and inactivity among children and adolescents. Information will be obtained about intervention programs, funding sources, and ongoing research to increase physical activity and healthy eating behaviors and will be organized into a national, searchable database.
  • NASPE RECOMMENDS MORE PHSICAL ACTIVITY FOR KIDS: The National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) has revised their physical activity recommendations for kids. In the revised report, "Physical Activity for Children: A Statement of Guidelines for Children Ages 5-12," NASPE recommends at least 60 minutes and up to several hours of physical activity a day.
  • FREE FACT SHEET ON CHILDHOOD OBESITY: The Center for Health and Health Care in Schools has created a four-page fact sheet that summarizes key findings on the background and health consequences of childhood obesity.
  • FREE VERB MATERIALS: The VERB campaign is offering free materials for encouraging children to be more physically active. Stickers, temporary tattoos, and posters are available for ordering at no cost (while supplies last), and a student planner and classroom materials are available for downloading.


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